David Banks being filmed on the shingle beach in Eastbourne.

vision & aims


That financially disadvantaged acting students have the same opportunities to develop their career as those from more affluent backgrounds.


  • Provide financial and material support to a financially disadvantaged student each year.
  • Help to raise the profile of the recipients to the public and within the Performing Arts industry.
  • Provide material help or support extra opportunities where funds allow.
  • Work with partners to improve recipients' access to training and employment opportunities.

applicant criteria

We are looking for applicants who:

  • Are undergraduates (preferably studying for their first degree).
  • Are studying for a performance-related qualification.
  • Are from a low-income background as identified by the theatre school.
  • Do not have other conventional means of financial support.
  • Have a clear understanding of how they intend to use the funds.

how to apply

All applications for the Fund are handled through the Theatre School attended by the student (currently only BOVTS). The school's bursary has access to the financial details required to make an initial short-list of candidates, and these details are never shared with the Fund.

Once selected by their Theatre School, applicants are asked to provide some supporting material in video form which is collated by the Theatre School and passed onto the administrators of the Fund. The requirements of this material may change year-to-year, but will be communicated to the applicants by their Theatre School.